My Approach

I could also call this heading "my philosophy" or "my vision." Seriously internet drives me crazy.In a day,i used to use internet about 10-15 hours for gathering the techniques of digital marketing.

Till now,i haven't involved in any type of paid course but I am" GOOGLE CERTIFIED INDIVIDUAL(google analytics, google-adword),which I have learned from my own merit and i strongly believe that without using any amount of money , anyone  can learn digital marketing using internet.

Digital marketing is my interest and blogging about digital marketing gives me happiness.

My Story

Every story  has a beginning , so my story Started 21 years ago & till now it is moving forward.i have seen many ups & downs in my life but still I don't loose my self confidence.i have learned one thing clearly from my life that "LIVE WITH YOUR OWN PASSION,SUCCESS IS NEARER".

Meet me

Aditya Prasad Patra

Founder Of Crazebuddy

Next Steps...

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